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Pilates Bar Set, Portable Yoga Exercise Pilate Stick with Resistance Band Foot Loop, Fitness equipment

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Different colors represent different weights
  • Greatly reduce the burden on muscles
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Short delivery time
  • Competitive price

Product Details

A more convenient fitness and yoga assistant----Portable Pilates bars are the perfect tool for reformer-style exercise without heavy equipment. The ABsuper Pilates Stick Set with Resistance Bands and Foot Rings will help you work out your whole body for a beautiful slim waist, legs, arms and puffy butt. Helps to improve body shape.

Multi-functional - function integrated design---- you will do more training movements, you can replace the barbell to exercise the back and arm muscles, you can replace the pull rope to exercise the leg muscles, you can exercise the waist and abdomen through the waist twisting movement, and you can also exercise Work your glutes with squats. Thereby helping you lose weight, exercise balance, build muscle, maintain health and strengthen your posture.

HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS - The pole is 1.5" in diameter, weighs 636 grams, is made of high-quality steel, and is wrapped with a soft foam grip that protects your hands from injury and absorbs sweat to prevent slipping during exercise . The 9mm thick resistance cord with large, sturdy non-slip nylon foot loops gives you total protection.

FITS ANY FITNESS LEVEL - Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these resistance bands are for you. Adjustable resistance bands mean you can choose the intensity of your resistance band workouts based on your personal goals. Ideal for yoga stretches, resistance band exercises, low impact to prevent injury. Easy to use at home or in the gym or other occasions instead of heavy equipment.

EASY TO CARRY AND STORAGE ---- With the latest detachable design, it is easy to install and remove. Plus, it's lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you or commute. After use, it is disassembled into two parts for easy storage.



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