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What are the common rubber band materials on the market?

Rubber bands are often used to bundle storage items and fix storage products. They can also be used to decorate hair accessories to contact people's hair or wrists. They are auxiliary supplies that can be used anytime in daily life. There are countless various rubber bands on the market, and the materials of rubber bands can be divided into many kinds. The more common ones are rubber, latex and silicone rubber bands.

1. Natural rubber bands: There is no standard for rubber in my country's international standard law. It is used in any industry and articles. Among them, there are rubber bands in daily necessities and even food. However, the rubber itself belongs to wudu. However, excessive catalysts such as sulfur, talcum powder, pigments, calcium carbonate and other substances are vulcanized and formed at high temperature. Therefore, it is difficult for this type of material to ensure quality and safety. It can cause health hazards at any time due to high temperature or environmental reasons, and severe headaches, fatigue, and physical discomfort can be caused.5d5c33e3bfe79d23d63df26d099fd1e.jpg

2. Latex rubber band: The relative safety of latex material has been improved. Rubber hydrocarbon only accounts for 20%-40% of the total. The components other than the processed rubber are composed of white paper, lipids, sugars and inorganic substances. It occupies about 40%-70%, and the ash content is 0.4%. Compared with rubber, its added ingredients are mostly harmless compounds, and the structural glue is simple, so the latex rubber band is relatively environmentally friendly, and its raw material cost is higher and the price On the high side.0bd616f1828faba19880e349d482228.jpg

3. Silicone rubber band: The material of silicone rubber band is synthetic silicone rubber. It mainly becomes methyl and methyl vinyl. The material has strong stability and non-conflict. It does not react when mixed with other substances. Under the environment, the softness, toughness and resilience can be guaranteed, and there is no change in performance. The effect on the silicone rubber band can achieve good safety, stability and aging properties!7a35d6d01ec8a646ef282639b965b1b.jpg

At present, rubber bands have different choices in different industries. They can be divided into two types: ordinary and practical, safe and environmentally friendly. Silicone rubber bands are safe and environmentally friendly, while rubber is cheap. The market price is calculated in kilograms. , So for the requirements are not very high, you can choose this category.

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