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Dongguan Victory Rubber Products Co., Ltd

Factory direct sale 25mm diameter black natural rubber band with high elasticity and toughness spot wholesale

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Natural rubber band
  • Pass SGS,CMA testing
  • High elasticity,good resilience,700% elongation
  • Natural rubber band is not to break
  • Customizeable size

Product Details

Products are widely used in labor protection gloves, batteries, electronics, electrical appliances, wires, agriculture,toys, clothing headwear, gifts, printing and packaging industries. It is suitable for dust-free workshop. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, dust-free, tasteless, high temperature resistance, cold resistance,anti-aging, high elongation and good elasticity.


Dongguan Victory Rubber Products Co., Ltd

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Landline: +86 0769-88117095

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