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Tension tube

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Body slimming
  • Uniform tension
  • Environmental protection latex tube
  • Non-slip, sweat-absorbing, easy to clean
  • Multicolor optional

Product Details

Tension tube is very suitable for physical exercise - resistance band training can effectively burn fat, enhance muscle strength, and help you improve endurance, flexibility, and exercise different muscle groups, such as shoulder, arm, leg, back, abdomen, etc.

11 resistor band groups - including 5 different color TPE tapes.

High quality - strong latex tape, nylon door clasp, handle and ankle strap will not twist or break even under strong tension. The shackle is easy to take off from the resistance belt and is easy to replace. They are strong and will not deform or break even under strong tension. This sports kit is equipped with two soft cushioned foam handles to provide comfort, protect hands from injury and absorb sweat to prevent slipping during sports.

Portable resistance tape - this resistance band kit comes with a cloth bag. The portability and versatility of the device make it an ideal choice for exercise while traveling.

Attention --- when pulling the tape, do not exceed the resistance value indicated on the product. When you feel that the resistance of one belt is not enough, you can choose another belt with higher resistance level, or select more belts to carry out advanced exercises together.


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