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Performance and application of natural rubber!

Performance and application of natural rubber!

Natural rubber is made from rubber latex, the chemical composition of this polymer is called polyisoprene. Polyisoprene can also be polymerized from its rubber polymer monomer. Physical properties: 0-100 ℃ rebound rate can reach 50% - 80%, elongation is 1000%, tensile strength of pure rubber is 17-25mpa, carbon black reinforced vulcanized rubber can reach 25-35mpa, 500% constant tensile stress is more than 12MPa, air tightness is good, leakage parameter is 2.969 * 10h2 (, similar to SBR, its defect is not resistant to hydrocarbon oil, not suitable for ultraviolet, oxygen, ozone. But its weather resistance is poor, which can be improved by special additives.

1. Temperature range - 50 ℃ - 70 ℃ (up to 100 ℃ in a short time)

2. The hardness range of Shore A is 40 to 90 degrees

3. The color can also be specified as black for customers.

4. Natural rubber has good adhesion, and can be used with a variety of rubber. In the tire industry, natural rubber can be used to make tread, carcass, sidewall and other components, as well as inner tubes. Rubber is also used in the manufacture of hose, tape, general mechanical seals, sponge products, surgical and medical supplies, and latex products.

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