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What is the difference between rubber bands and latex bands, and what is the difference between finished products?

       Natural latex is the liquid that flows out when rubber tree is tapped. It is milky white, with a solid content of 30% to 40%, and an average rubber particle size of 1.06 microns. Fresh natural latex contains 27%-41.3% of rubber content (mass), 44%-70% water, 0.2%-4.5% protein, 2%-5% natural resin, 0.36%-4.2% sugar, and 0.4% ash. %. In order to prevent natural latex from coagulating due to the action of microorganisms and enzymes, ammonia and other stabilizers are often added. natural latex is mainly used to make sponge products, extruded products and impregnated products.


Natural rubber is a kind of natural polymer compound with polyisoprene as the main component. Its molecular formula is (C5H8)n. 91%-94% of its composition is rubber hydrocarbon (polyisoprene), and the rest is Non-rubber substances such as protein, fatty acid, ash, sugars, etc. natural rubber is the most widely used general-purpose rubber.

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